Georgia Collection Services

At Rockford Mercantile Agency (RMA), we believe that our Georgia collection agency is an extension of your brand and we thereby treat consumers with dignity.

We strive to provide Georgia consumers entrusted to our company with the knowledge and assistance that is needed to regain financial fitness.

Georgia Collection Agency

We provide 3 collection platforms to our customers:
We offer pre collecting, inclusive of letter services and in-house call back platforms. As well as insurance denials and appeals claims recovery platform. Including our full service third party collections specializing in Georgia Health Care debt, utility bills and municipal fines.

We also provide additional services throughout United States including including:
  • Customized Open Account collections
  • Online Client Access to accounts
  • Call Recording
  • Electronic Payment Processing
  • Credit Bureau Listing
  • Civil Litigation
  • Bankruptcy Scrub
  • Deceased Notification
When contacting Georgia consumers we make sure to clearly identify ourselves and that the purpose of our call is debt collection.

At RMA, we strive for perfection and take pride in the high level of quality Georgia services we provide to each and every client. Every effort is made to be sure our clients are 100% satisfied with our collection performance, statistical reporting, and with the overall quality in our client communication. While RMA has an impressive client list spanning several industries, this list is protected against general publication by our commitment to client privacy. However, many clients have agreed to provide references to potential clients prior to their entering into servicing relationships with us. Upon request, we will provide a list of the clients who will speak with you about our Georgia collections performance as well as their overall level of satisfaction.

We are a licensed Georgia collection agency.

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