New Mexico Residents: In accordance to New Mexico SB337entitled The Surprise Billing Protection Act please be advised of the following;

1.  Patient is responsible only for payment of applicable in-network cost-sharing amounts under the patient's health benefits plan.

2.  Patients should contact their insurance carriers in advance or the provider when possible to determine if the services provided will be covered at an in-network rate.

3.  When prior contact is not available, patient should contact the patient's insurance carrier to discuss the surprise billing to find the correct limitations that may apply.

4.  The Surprise Billing Protection Act SB 337 can be obtained online (https://www.osi.state.nm.us).

5.   Patient may appeal a health insurer's determination regarding a surprise bill in accordance with the hearing procedures established by New Mexico's Patient Protection Act.

6.   If additional information or questions arise you can always contact the New Mexico Superintendent of Insurance in Santa Fe, NM.