Testimonials Almost 20 years ago I was new in the business but was told to find a collection group. I was contacted by Rockford Mercantile and was pleased with their willingness to work compassionately with our patients.

We were assigned one Account Representative who worked on our accounts for most of my 17 years with that company.

When I was hired by start-up medical group, I immediately thought of my positive experience with RMA when choosing a collection group. They have continued to provide professional and reliable service at reasonable rates. I feel like we are working together to help my patients and our business.

Testimonials We have appreciated the excellent rapport and return on collection with Rockford Mercantile Agency for over 30 years.

Over 20 years ago, one facility we billed used three other collection agencies.

We found Rockford Mercantile to perform better than the other collection agencies and eliminated all but Rockford Mercantile.

The employees and owner of Rockford Mercantile continue to be available for direct conversation and willing to provide expertise on a variety of questions I ask.

I will continue this mutually beneficial arrangement as long as we both are in business.

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